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Check it out! Watch Matt Blair practice for the Ariat Jumping with the Stars! competition:


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The Goal: I thought a video would be a great tool to expand sponsorship for the MHHS.  For potential sponsors not familiar with show jumping,  a video would help convey what the sport is all about. And, of course, horse people can’t help but be transfixed by great footage of the sport.

The Plan: The game plan was to assemble a small crew of the best and brightest from the Twin Cities film and video world, get some gear, shoot on Friday and Saturday night of the 2008 show and edit over the winter months. Fortunately, we able to marshall support from a group of talented people to make it happen.

The Players:

Al Oltman at work.

Al Oltman at work.

Al Oltman is a dear friend, colleague, fellow horse person and high-end Director/Director of Photography of commercials. Trust me. You’ve seen his work on the air produced for Best Buy, Target and many others. We met on a shoot in the 80’s. At the time I had taken a break from horses. He had been doing some eventing, riding with Max at Fortuna Farms but was in the process of making the switch to a new sport- polo. Al invited me out to ride and somehow I ended up playing polo for 6 years. Through the years, Al and I have worked on many projects together. He and his life-long partner, Selanie Tyc, a top-notch ad agency broadcast producer, live on a lovely farm in Minnetrista with several horses. We were so fortunate to have someone of Al’s caliber donate his time and talent. Plus, it was just great fun for my husband, Christian, and me to hang out with Al for two days.

katieMy friend Bill Rogina, a producer at a top post production facility, Fischer Edit agreed to edit the video at no cost. Our talented, young editor, Katie Carpenter is  from the Philadelphia area. She grew up going to the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, so she totally gets it. Here’s a link to Katie’s bio and  demo reel:   http://www.fischeredit.com/bio-Katie-Carpenter.php

Tom Lindquist is an amazingly gifted musician and audio post artist at Aaron Stokes Sound and Music. We have worked together on many projects. Aaron Stokes actually worked on a We Can Ride video project many years ago. Tom has relatives on the east coast that have a hunter/jumper barn. http://aaronstokes.com/ takes you to the Aaron Stokes website.

Sonny Warner has an incredible, golden voice that I’m sure you’ve heard before. She created the voice over from her studio in Corpus Christi, Texas. We’ve spent many hours in the audio booth, yukking it up over the years. Here’s a link to her website: http://sonnywarner.com/


Christian and Flax.

Christian Palmer, my husband, wanted to be part of the fun. He offered to assist Al as his Grip. He also took a few still photographs that we used on the website. His support and  help goes above and beyond the call!

Chris Beales from Cinequipt, a supplier of the industry’s finest film, video and lighting equipment, graciously donated the use of the camera and equipment. Check them out at: http://www.cinequipt.com/

The Result: It took some time to produce our video and we believe it was was worth effort! We ended up cutting two versions- the sponsorship video and a music video version. Without the kind donations of time, talent and resources from these people, this project would have been just an good idea. Many thanks to everyone involved in this great project.

For Sponsorship of the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show contact Patti Nelson at pnelson@minnesotaharvesthorseshow.com • 952.495.0044 or 612.382.8901 for corporate sponsorships or Charity Gannon at cgannon@minnesotaharvesthorseshow.com • 612.385.2228. for individual sponsorship.

For Tickets go to: http://www.minnesotaharvesthorseshow.com/?page_id=133 or call 952.934.0057.

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Renee adjusts Bill's stirrup.

Renee adjusts Bill's stirrup.

I find it amazing when new riders learn their diagonals immediately. It seems like that has been the case for all our Ariat Jumping with the Stars! riders. I was on hand last week to see Bill’s lesson with Renee at Wild Oak Farm. What an incredible setting. It was early evening with that golden-hour light. Absolutely no bugs. Perfect temperature. Everything you could ask for!

Barney head

Barney had just come back from 2 weeks of showing, which meant he required even more leg from Bill to keep him going. Bill did a mighty fine job. Every time Renee  asked what diagonal he was on, he  had the right answer. That is the way to make points with your trainer! Renee teaching

Renee and her husband, Scott, are incredible riders and trainers. Renee and I discovered we knew each other in the 80’s through friends (non-horse related). I recall going to see her ride in the Grand Prix at the Minnesota Fall Charity Horse Show (later to become our beloved Minnesota Harvest Horse Show). Scott, of course, is the signature image of the MHHS this year and won the 2008 $30,000 Grand Prix of Minnesota on the fabulous Impulsive, owned by Bennett Sport Horse (among many other Grand Prix wins around the country).


renee win

Renee Lenkart and Opal win the 2003 $60,000 Grand Prix of Denver. Photo by Horse and Ryder Photography

Check out their website at: http://www.wildoakfarm.biz/

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The Minnesota Harvest Horse Show is now on YouTube!

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Check out Rena’s blog on Kare11.com


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Bill has been living the horse show Dad life with his eventing daughter, Ashley. She has no idea that he is participating in Ariat Jumping with the Stars! Help us keep the secret. We hope to surprise her the night of the show (if we can hold out)! After years of paying the horse bills, Bill finally gets to try his hand at riding.

Bill and Brad Thorsen, Executive Director of We Can Ride

Bill Keller and Brad Thorsen, Executive Director of We Can Ride

Bill interviews Renee.

Bill interviews Renee.

Bill had his first lesson with Renee Lenkart at Wild Oak farm on Thursday night. I got there early. The wind picked up and it poured. I thought for sure he’d have to ride inside. After about 10 minutes the rain stopped and there was a gorgeous rainbow over Wild Oak Farm. They’d be able to ride outside after all. And what an amazing evening it was.

Brad Thorsen, Executive Director of We Can Ride was on hand to cheer Bill on. Bill got interviews of Brad, Renee and me. We’ll keep you posted to let you know when it airs. Watching his daughter ride has certainly helped the cause. Bill knows what it is supposed to look like. He only spent a short time on the lunge then was out on the rail posting away and doing a good job of keeping his horse moving forward. This is going to be one heck of a horse race!



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Rusty Gatenby, KSTP Channel 5 television reporter, took his first lesson July 23. Gail Nederostek is his trainer at Wild Oak Farm in Delano. Now, Rusty is a rank beginner when it comes to riding, so Gail had to start at ground zero with him. At his first lesson, he brought a camera crew and taped his lesson, as well as an interview with Gail, and Brad Thorsen, executive director of We Can Ride. The plan is to air several segments about Ariat Jumping with the Stars! leading up to the actual event on October 10. The first segment aired this past week on Channel 5 tv. To see a replay of this segment, go here: www.kstp.com.

We’ll send out announcements when the next segment will air, so be sure to sign up and follow us on Twitter to get all the latest news: www.twitter.com/MNHarvestShow.

And also sign up on our website to get our e-newsletters. They contain all kinds of important updates about what will be happening at the show this year: www.minnesotaharvesthorseshow.com.

And finally, you can become a fan of the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show on Facebook, see more photos, and post messages for the celebrities: www.facebook.com.

2009 is shaping up to be the best Minnesota Harvest Horse Show ever!

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